Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dave & The Birdman!

It's cold again. But I've recently discovered scarves, and they are not joking around when it comes to warmth! I have also been growing a beard for a few months now, so that helps keep my face warm (but makes shop keepers suspicious of me). 

My friend Dave (the gentle giant) Janzen also has an amazing beard (its substantial). He was featured not too long ago in the second work in my recently posted drawing/stop animation series (Click me to see "The Cowboy"! It's neat!l ). Well he's in this next piece as well, rockin a baby version of his beard. We had a pretty good time figuring this one out. I tried to get my brother to model as the bird man but he refused to put on the Birdman mask. He wanted to know why Dave couldn't, so I told Jon that he didn't have an awesome beard like Dave's and I wanted his beard for the painting. Also, Jon wouldn't have had to be in his undies, that was Dave's idea when he ended up playing both roles.

This work is made up of painted layers of board on top of one another, lending themselves to a subtle 3D effect. I ended up using this later with some other paintings (like 'Zomb-Me'Click me to check it out!). So enjoy! 

Click on the images to see larger versions!

Dave and the Birdman
Oil on board


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